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Our Story

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People of the United Arab Emirates have seen dramatic change over the last few years, change that has provided them with all the benefits of a modern, developed society. At the same time, however, both the government and the people are determined that their heritage shall be preserved, in a line with the late Sheikh Zayed’s belief that ‘ people that knows not its past can have neither the present nor the future’.

The vision for establishing Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Café is to preserve the cultural identity in the UAE encompassing a rich blend of traditional Arab, Islamic and contemporary elements, while also being a viable commercial venture. To act as repositories of this heritage and a source of information for both visitors and the younger generation who have not experienced a traditional lifestyle, museums and heritage centers have been developed throughout the UAE.

Al Fahidi Branch

Step into a wonderful journey in the Al Fahidi region known for its Arabic architecture and marvel at the traditional wind tower or badger (bad “wind” + gir “catcher”) designed to cool the desert wind.

The Mall Branch

Arabian Tea House in Jumeirah is the perfect mélange between tradition from the past and modernity. A true experience of traditional Emirati food and authentic atmosphere as a resemblance of the past while enjoying majestic Burj Al Arab.

Sharjah Branch

From the feel of the traditional wooden benches, to the smell of the burning Luban scent, to the sound of traditional Emirati music playing in the background, visitors of Arabian Tea House relish the taste of the most delicious traditional Emirati dishes in a truly deep-rooted ambience.

Dubai House, Cairo Egypt

Our passion for preserving the Emirati culture didn’t stop us in UAE, we have taken Arabian Tea House to Cairo, Egypt, making it our first branch outside the UAE and the first Emirati restaurant overseas.